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“Many people go through life wishing they had something or assuming they had missed their shot at being who they wanted to be. They have sacrificed passion for the daily grind of getting by. I am not that kind of person. I have lived for passion my entire life. From a kid till I was 28 years old my passion was sports. As I got older I was focused on baseball during my 10 year career. When my life of baseball ended I was a lost soul. Was not a good time. I needed to find passion again. MAKING saved my life. After I started tinkering and messing with things around the house I started to fall in love with MAKING change. PASSION was finally back in my heart and was getting me up in the morning to go make shit happen. Without PASSION one can not live a life full of love and cannot pursue a career that will fill their heart. MAKING fills my heart. I love creating unique pieces out of real materials. At 3 Barn Doors we sell unique, quality, PASSION and REAL. We are a place where everyone is welcome. We would love to sell you a piece of what we do. But if you just want to come down and be around the positive vibes of people doing what they love, then come on down and let us inspire you.”  – Aaron Cunningham

Why We Make


MAKING and creating is what we love to do. All of us here at 3BD live for passion and will always Create pieces that are built with integrity. We want you to see our piece that we made for your home and be reminded that there are people out there doing what they love and are having one hell of a time doing it.


Cleveland has been a big part of what we do and why we are able to do it. I have been inspired by the grittiness of all the entrepreneurs here in THE LAND. This town has got some balls, or should I say “ MARBLES “ as the great Jobu would say. 😜 The greater Cleveland area is full of people who love to help whom want to learn and continuously support small business that is striving to grow. You couldn’t ask for a better city to start your business in. I may not have grown up in Ohio, but I sure do love the shit out of this place


I may sound like a broken record, but PASSION is life to us. A big part of what we want to do is inspire others to find their reason, what fills their heart, their passion. We hope that you all follow closely and see that if a group of douchebags like us can make it happen then why the hell cant you. We have all been scared of taking a chance. I scare the shit out of myself all the time. But the difference between the person that wishes and me is that I say screw it and go. Yes I am scared, but I am willing to live with the consequences because I know that I followed my heart.

Meet Your Makers

Aaron Cunningham
Owner, Designer, Woodworker, Welder, Maker
Samantha Cunningham
Owner and Head of HR
Hospitality Manager
Chief Hair Distribution Officer
Jack of All Trades

Meet Your Makers

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