Adam Owens

Head Woodworker

My name is Adam Owens, I am from Columbus, Ohio and I am a woodworker for 3 Barn Doors. I began my career in the science field with a goal of spending my career in academics. I graduated from Centre College months before the 2008 recession and I was left to the mercy of spending cuts and downsizing in most areas of the public and private sciences field. After nearly 10 years of trying to find a position with any measure of job security (or benefits) I decided a change was needed. The only other topic of study I had ever really enjoyed, besides biology, was woodworking and I thought I would look into it as a new career path. I found the Fine Woodworking program at the University of Rio Grande in southern Ohio. I decided this was my last chance to find a career I enjoyed and I was determined to make the best of it. After earning my associate’s degree in fine woodworking I moved up here to Cleveland, to make a life with my wonderful girlfriend Lauren, and joined a community wood shop where I met Aaron. As a long shot, I asked him if he needed a woodworker and, miraculously, he said yes. It hasn’t always been easy going but I believe in what Aaron is trying to build and I’m proud to contribute in my own way. His idea of a dream wood shop is very similar to what I was dreaming about all those nights at Rio Grande. He gives me the freedom I have always wanted in a job and pushes me to keep chasing my passion. I am very lucky and thankful to be here and I hope my pride and my passion show through in every piece we make.