Jack of All Trades

Whadup dudes and dudettes. Y’all already know the name “zeeeeeek” at least that’s what the crowd chants when they come in. Im the owners dog, many tell me I’m privileged. Which I am, hahaha and it’s great. Pops doesn’t realize this, but I actually run this shop. I start my day off by marking the parking lot so everybody knows where to go. Then I go in and make sure everybody is there and are working on what they should be working on. I also lead the waste management division. If there’s food on the floor, I make sure I pick it up and put it in my belly. I also like to make sure I keep the couch very warm( at least that’s what I say because I like to sleep all day ) don’t tell my dad. One of my favorite things to do is yell at you if your not petting me. All in all, I’m the favorite in the shop. Chicks dig me and the dudes wish they were me. Someday somebody will write a wonderful book about my talented life.